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Poem Intention

Poem Intention

I wanted to write a love poem
But my words seem to fly away
As they don’t want be locked on paper

I wanted to write my love for you
But silence is the only way
To pay my debt on scraper


I don’t find rhyme, rhythm and purpose
I don’t find neither joy to stay
In land of love, of words and failure

Darling, dear, my honey nervous
With lonely tears we have to pay
The light of moon, the light of sailor
The colour of my only ray

In land of love, of words and failure
The right of sin emerges with may
The heart of doom awakes the temper
Of never-ending of the day

And still around no smell of hope
No taste for sugar of believing
The same old smile of the rope
With butterflies forever living


My words are empty, my heart in pieces
With soul desire in the way,
I want to write to you my love and kisses
I want to write…but ends with sway

09.02.2009 ~Dark~pinKisS~

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