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My inner me

My inner me

With a strange look on my face
I’m smiling, not thinking of disgrace
The look it seems my only pet
‘Coz tears are wet,and lips are wet

I feel – Down i could fall
Expecting humble just a call
I dont know what i’ll do
The truth i know,it isnt true

The tears are snowflakes,as they melt
The doubt is gone, as before i felt
The wings of lie are rising souls of sea
To cheat is Law, but not for me

Privileage- To smile, i lose right now
Must win myself,but dont know how
Everyone are pointing me with questions
And my escape- it is Rejections

I am for now in stage of past
Eraising all i’ve got at last
To be full i must be Zero
To fool myself i must be Hero

And so Hold on, demons say to me
Must sell myself so i could be free
Forgiven- could i ever be?
Poison myself with drops of tea

The poison of my words is under me
To save my soul,i have to see
Invisible sparkles of the SHE…

~Dark~pinKisS~ 18.06.2008

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