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make me forget you

to leave you in the kiss

like in the books

of loving forever


make me unknow you

as you were a stranger

sitting next in the bus

reading our love story


make me ignore you

as the beggar from the corner

crying out loud the name of God

before you


make me not reply to you

as the letter was lost

in the emptyness of space

and the words: Adore you


make me lose your trust

in the holding hands of tomorrow

as the gold in the rust

waiting to follow


make me undream you

as there was no night

not expecting the princess

dont make me a knight


make me unwant you

push me away

change the smile about you

erasing the rain


make me take me

far, far in the may

were heart of the loving

its never away.

~27~ 22.08.2011

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