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Aplicația mea pentru International Helsinki Days

februarie 6, 2012

– Describe Finland in three words (aici e website-ul International Helsinki Days: shs):

Lauri (my Finnish friend), salmiakki (best candy ever) and joulupukki (just like how it sounds).

– A description of yourself

I never copy paste my description of myself when I’m applying for things. I love Rock Music and the best place for a rock concert its Finland, right? When I was in Belgrad, I had a Finnish friend and I was always telling her the joke about finishing something, that why I think it’s time to learn something new about Finland and I like new things (she will be proud of me).

I’m working as a Social Media Manager in Moldova, trying to promote in the best way brands on Facebook and other social media tools. And I think the best way to develop yourself it’s to interact with people from different parts of the world, this helps you to understand the big picture that why I always trying to get from place to place and each time it’s a life experience.

– Why should we choose you to the seminar?

I will give you 27 reasons as 27 is my favorite number.

Alex and Lauri

You should choose me to the seminar because:

  1. I’m writing 27 reasons, meaning I really want it and I’m not completing the application just the sake of it.
  2. I’m really intrigued with what I’m going to come back to Moldova this time
  3. I want to visit Finland
  4. I’ve vote for Lordi at Eurovision song contest
  5. I love Poets of the Fall (big time favorites), HIM, Apocalyptica, Nightwish, The Rasmus and Sunrise Avenue.
  6. I like winter more than summer
  7. It’s cool to be in a Nordic country for Valentine’s day, seems warmer
  8. I love the feeling from Nordic countries where you have candles everywhere and it feels hyggelig (I don’t know the word in Finnish for it)
  9. I love Liverpool and Sami Hyypia it’s a Liverpool legend so I love him too and remember his goal against Leverkuzen
  10. This way Moldova will know more things about Finland because I’m going to write about it on my blog
  11. I have never kissed a Finnish girl
  12. To the serious part, I want to see in the seminar how you could use social media in entrepreneurship as a tool of reaching people for your business. If we could do it or not, and what are the risks
  13. I want to feel the Helsinki syndrome, the one that everybody confuses with Stockholm syndrome
  14. I want to learn to play Curling or getting my country ski better.
  15. I was cheering for Mika Hakkinen till he left F-1
  16. I will cook some Moldovan food and bring Moldovan wine and cognac
  17. I bet that not many participants will really know where Moldova is
  18. I love salmiakki candies
  19. I believe Santa Claus is Finnish
  20. It will help me to clarify where I want to do my master degree
  21. I need a visa to come so I’m willing to fight any bureaucracy in Moldova just to attend the event
  22. Some friends (including Pablo) have been in 2011 and said its awesome so I want to be awesome too
  23. I promise to sing you 3 songs (not 27, you are going to kill me before I reach 5)
  24. I will never be late for sessions
  25. I’m collecting coins and I have just one from Finland, I want more and ill bring Moldovan one, I bet not many Finn have them.
  26. I will learn any Finnish words you are going to tell me to learn (I like provocations)
  27. Neither Moldova or Finland have ever qualified to a World Cup final tournament, so we should learn from each over to hope for the best (as I’m hoping now to come to IHD 2012).

– What do you expect from the IHD week?

Maybe my 27 reasons were not so serious or relevant but I’m expecting things from IHD like: to see how Social Media it’s seen in business in Europe, to compare the way Moldova struggles in economy with the ways it’s done in Finland and the places other people will come.

What must to be done and what could we do so it will be done. I expect something to impress me more than ISFiT (maybe because Finland it’s the home of metal rock).

I expect something that when I’m going back to Moldova to speak about for at least one month so my friends will say: Ok, ok we already know everything about Finland, as well to have fun and to see the best part of Finland.

-A picture of yourself

First I though it’s going to be a good idea to attach a picture when I was a baby, after that maybe it’s better an up-to-date picture so I’m attaching both.

PS: I’m a fresh graduate of my undergraduate degree in Mass Communication from Moldova State University and I’m searching for a Master Degree, so I hope it’s OK that I’m a Student without an University right know. But I’m still a student so :shrekeyes:

8 comentarii leave one →
  1. februarie 6, 2012 09:42

    și di funny 😀

  2. februarie 7, 2012 13:35

    Fain. Caut schimb de link cu bloggeri moldoveni. Pentru cei interesati rog sa ma contacteze

  3. februarie 8, 2012 11:23

    good luck alex.

    greetings from sri lanka

    • februarie 8, 2012 15:22

      ciuuuuuvak da noua nii dor de tine, huuuug

  4. Danyela Costin permalink
    februarie 11, 2012 02:18

    Salut. Da eu te-as lua,pe mine m-ai convins … 🙂

    • februarie 11, 2012 11:24

      pai shi pe ei i-am convins

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