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Proud to be a Cornhusker

septembrie 23, 2011

There are places and people that once enter your life always will be there. Keep having an impact on your daily decisions, memories and desires. Always living a double life inside you, and you could never change this thing.

Exactly two years ago Margarita came and picked me and Anora from the Lincoln airport. My mouth was aching, my head in the clouds and feeling my life completely blank.

Now I’m sitting in my office looking through the window and I know how everything was, how everything happen and this make me proud to be a Nebraskan. Doesn’t really matter that Beatrice it’s not New York or LA, matters the place it has in my heart and love that I felt there and I’m still feeling.


My dear Kyle, Darren, Darrin and Josh, I don’t think I have a story where I’m not mentioning you: starting from the phrase that in Moldova people kill themselves very often because of the music I was listening to, till watermelon nights and tea parties.

Kyle and Josh were the first two that I’ve met. In that night Kyle was telling about his trip in Europe and we were talking about kg and meters. In that night I didn’t had a pillow or a blanket so they went searching it for me.

Kyle told me that in USA it’s all about food and his was right. After that he offered me some Chip Ahoy, cookies that I’ve ate till my last day in USA.

Josh showed me where is Jackson Hall and let me use his computer for almost a month. Unfortunately he moved in short time. I was still seeing him and saying hi. He is really deep into media and I wish him luck with his short movie project.

After that Bolte came and our apartment started to be clean. For the first month I was not so talkative and I was staying more in front of my computer rather talking to my roommates and girls and probably that was my cultural shock and missing Moldova a lot.

But thanks to Kyle and Darren this thing change and I started enjoying USA. We went country dancing; I was pretty good on it. We went to Wally World and had fun, Kyle was telling me what is good to buy and what it’s not.

I bet Kyle will never forget the church moment and the question: Is he a catholic?

In the winter quarter Darrin came, our romantic roommate and a very nice guy. We went ghost hunting around his house. I’ve met his parents and they knew so much about me that I was impressed and every time they remembered what kind of tea I like to drink.

Darrin drove me to Kansas City even he was a little bit ill and I’m still very thankful to him.

I’ve met Kyle’s folks too, they are awesome. They let me dig into their coin collection as well Kyle’s mother was telling me about her trip in Costa Rica. On my birthday they prepared a cake and sang happy birthday. It’s very rare when people love you just because you are the friend of their son or daughter. They had a cat as well, with whom I was every time fighting. Laura, Kyle’s sister called me a cheater after we played Chinese checkers, but she must realize that the rules said something different, so dear Laura, I’m still not a cheater.

With Bolte I had a special connection. He was the guy I was talking about girls, because he was enjoying stories and I was enjoying his perspective. I remember that once we went to Valentino’s and had an interesting chat that made us closer. For me the connection with Bolte started every Sunday when he was coming back from home, I don’t know how, every time like he was a different person and I had to start all over again becoming friends.

I’m still sure that my roommates remember the Charles visit. It was a blast and a life-changing experience for Charles I guess. But what happened in Beatrice, stays in Beatrice, except the thing of the fire alarm. That was hilarious and it’s a must tell story. Right, Charles?

In the days they left, it was like I was saying goodbye to brothers that I will never see again but brothers that made me be a part of what I am now.

We will do anything for love, right guys?


Even it was not Harvard or Berkley, not even the K-state, South East Community College taught me a lot, taught about how to connect with people, how to talk with people and how to respect each over.

It’s about what you want to learn, it’s about your ambition, ambition that any teacher can’t ruin. Miss English taught me always to smile, Miss Ebke to trust myself no matter what. Coach Campbell said everything should be fun, Mister Whitney taught me about ethics and Mister Stalder to release my creativity. Miss Wooton loved my dirty commercials and said that it’s never too early or too late to have a snack. It’s about great teachers who see students as personalities, growing personalities and how to motivate students who failed to stand back on their feet and try again, and do better.

People that I met in my classes made me change all my perspective of how a class should be. How we should behave in a class and how to be ourselves in that class. Doesn’t matter you are 18 or 65, you are all learning from each over. You are sharing experience and sharing is caring.

My dear fellow Mark, my crazy Australian, and all the girls from Falls City, Amanda and Tish, Jenny, who still writes on my wall and comments my pictures, all the guys from the dorms and Hoover Hall, all the people I beat in pool, Adam,  you made my college year in US unforgettable, and because of it, you will always be unforgettable for me, even though I may later don’t remember your names or you remember my country, but I will always remember your face and it’s a pleasure to see your updated on Facebook, from one point of view, I’m still living in Beatrice, Nebraska, United States.


We were four in Beatrice and Margarita was our mom and Tom was our uncle. I know we had hard times in USA, but we had fun times too, together. We tried to find our own way but in some way we always been a family: Anora, Zara and Armani.

When I remember my weekends from US, I remember you guys, I remember our Jamaica guy, and hostel in New York. I remember Orlando and Miami. I remember airports; I remember joy and adventure curiosity, tears and smiles.

I hope Anora still misses my cooking and Zara my Jelly Beans. And I still think Armani should chill a bit, he thinks too much.

The first person I saw was Anora in Chicago, and the last person was Zara in Chicago as well. I wish I could hug you both now, and I’m really, really positive that we will see each over again. Don’t know how, don’t know where, but I’m sure of it. We are living in a very, very tiny world.

I’m missing you guys.


Tara, Robin, Kathy I still see you around when I’m going to the office. Sometimes I have the feeling that Anthony will come and I should leave the office, other times I’m searching for candies on the entrance.

I met Tara at the Rotary Club meeting and she proposed the internship, and I’m very glad that she done that because the Internship from the Beatrice Daily Sun made a change of my way how I was imagining working. I even wrote my license thesis on the internal communication from there.

I had my doggy days from the office but I had my awesome days from there. I will never forget the birthday surprise, and you made me buy donuts, why?

And somehow I’m still connected to that place, I really hope someday I will come and want to talk to Tara and when they will ask me who I am, I’ll say: Alex, I’ve worked here.

When people go to USA, I always say, guys definitely try the Red Nebraskan Beer.

Host Family

I always I was saying that even though I don’t have a father in Moldova, I’m very lucky to have two moms, Valentina in Moldova, and Carolyn in USA.

And the Coordsen family made me feel the heat of the hearts, the love and the trust. And I know if I’m come back in USA there will be always a family that loves me unconditionally.

I remember how times passed by from the first dinner together till Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Early Christmas, Easter and Rochester Minnesota.

In my last day of USA, we went to see racing in Beatrice. We were all smiling, enjoying the noise, we were like a real family and this made me feel extremely sad when I entered my empty room afterwards and I’m realizing that I’m leaving and that room will never be mine again and the time spent with the Coordsens will not be the same again.

Love unites and love hurts. And I really, really love the Coordesens. They are so united, loving and caring they are a whole and they will always love each over no matter what. This I learnt from them, love and family it’s all you got so protect it, and don’t be ashamed to feel it.

The love that you are afraid of will always hurt you, not because it’s evil but because the fear of not losing it is too big.

Coordsens taught be to care about the people I love and always to love. As well Carolyn taught me to kick ass in pool. I so miss the games we had.

Roommates, teachers, colleagues, family there are all in my heart, and I wear always the hoodie Kristy have gave me for Christmas. And I always say that I’m PROUD TO BE A CORNHUSKER.

All my memories and all I am today it’s connected to the state that nobody knows, to a city that nobody heard about. But in my heart, Beatrice, Nebraska, United States it’s the place that has no ending and where my soul often goes and tries to be happy.

Bye, bye, miss American pie…

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  1. septembrie 23, 2011 15:26

    Go Big Red! I’m glad your time in Nebraska was good, Alex!

    • septembrie 23, 2011 15:29

      Thank you! I still talk about your classes and what ive learnt there:)

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